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I feel your pain. Srsly. You should've seen my tabs for May and June of Howling, omg.
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Because clearly you are going to attack Tehran with a stampede of bulls, and then make your getaway to Colorado Springs where you will teach poetry as a cover until you can finish constructing your Antebellum-styled safehouse near the airport?
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45 tabs going from blood agents (nasty fuckers) to the Queen of Sheba and Roman Legionnaires to smugglers during the Boer War and a translation site because I don't speak Arabic and Daniel motherloving Jackson cannot make me. I still have no idea what this thing I'm writing is.

So yeah. I hear you.

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Hahahah I remember
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Hahahah I remember <user="synecdochic"> making a very similar complaint once upon a time.

(I can laugh because JD hasn't taken over *my* brain yet *knocks on wood*)
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I like that my sleepy eyed glance from this pulled "airports" and "bullfighting" away first, so you can see why I laughed re: the gov't. :))
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This seems to be a trend when writers are dealing with either Daniel or JD. Hell, I end up with a ridiculous number of tabs open just reading some stories that feature them (usually because I haven't understood the allusions, attributions, and ephemera they call up).